Maria Rosenblatt

Coming from the music world, Maria has been a musician most of her life.
It was when she discovered the world of photography, that her visual and artistic spirit has bloomed. Shooting mostly studio portraits of artists and musicians, Maria uses her recognition of the music world – to unleash the better sides from her subjects, and create exciting photographs, emphasizing the bond between a musician and his/her musical instrument.
Amongst her other photography fields are also animal portraiture and fashion photography.

Maria was born in 1985 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, graduated in 2014 from the Gavra photography school.


2018 Tel Aviv, “Cuckoo’s Nest” – “Moments”
2017¬†Tel Aviv,¬†¬†Central Gallery – “Nonplace: dance and movement”
2016 Tel-Aviv, Sarona Art Gallery – “Food processor”
2016 Tel-Aviv, Mainson House – “Israeli Portrait”
2016 Rome, Italy – “Life Framer”, Officine Fotografiche
2016 Tel-Aviv – “We All Love Pets”
2015 Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Hangar 2 – “The Edge”
2013 Tel-Aviv, “Akropolis” -“The Bridge to Invisible”


“Lens Magazine” Issue #21 “Light and Shadow” (June 2016) – Series “Still Life” and Series “Dream Projections”
“Lens Magazine” Issue #24 “Two Years of Publishing” (September 2016) – Series “Portraits of Soul” and Series “Self-Escape”