Maria Rosenblatt


 maria is a fine art and portrait photographer.

 she was born in ekaterinburg, russia.  her exposure to the world of art began in early childhood when she started to play violin. she graduated from moscow tchaikovsky conservatory in 2007 and after that moved to israel. there she decided to develop her artistic spirit more by acquiring new skills in visual arts, studying photography in gavra photography school (tel aviv). 

 nowadays maria expresses her passion for art through photography and music.
she plays violin in the israel philharmonic orchestra, shoots portraits of artists and makes fine art photographs. 

 for portraits of artists she uses her recognition and connection to the music world – she aims to unleash the most unique sides from her subjects, to create exciting photographs, emphasizing the bond between a musician and his musical instrument.

 in her fine art field of interests there are still life photographs, work with the human body and architectural subjects.
there is an ongoing project “portraits of soul” focused on animal portraits that is meant to show the nobility and inner beauty of these creatures.

 her mission is to bring something new to people’s emotional and physical life, to touch their soul and mind, to make them more confident about themselves and aware of the world around; and by all this to make our world better.


2021 “vanitas”, the 10th international photography festival, enav cultural center, tel aviv, israel
2021 “i am”, the 9th international photography festival, daniel rowing centre, tel aviv, israel
2021 “capsule”, supreme court of israel, jerusalem, israel
2020 “spaces in turmoil”, haifa museum of art, haifa, israel
2020 online exhibition “eros&thanatos”, at
2019 tel aviv, azrieli sarona tower – the 7th international photography festival, “standard deviation”
2019 barcelona, spain, gallery valid foto – “julia margaret cameron award” exhibition
2018 tel aviv, “cuckoo’s nest” – “dream”
2018 tel aviv, “cuckoo’s nest” – “moments”
2017 tel aviv,  central gallery – “nonplace: dance and movement”
2016 tel aviv, sarona art gallery – “food processor”
2016 tel aviv, mansion house – “israeli portrait”
2016 rome, italy, officine fotografiche – “life framer”
2016 tel aviv, mansion house- “we all love pets”
2015 tel aviv-jaffa, hangar 2 – “the edge”
2013 tel aviv, “akropolis” -“the bridge to invisible”


2018 honorably mentioned in categories”fine art”, “still life” and “self portrait” at julia margaret cameron award.


“lens magazine” issue #88 “travel” (january 2022) – series “facades of havana” and series “lines and shapes”
“lens magazine” issue #68 “inside the studio” (may 2020) – series “dandelions” and series “old masters recreations”
“lens magazine” issue #24 “two years of publishing” (september 2016) – series “portraits of soul” and series “self-escape”
“lens magazine” issue #21 “light and shadow” (june 2016) – series “still life” and series “dream projections”